CashFusion is as easy
as 1—2—3

Enabling the power of CashFusion encryption is simple. To get going, follow these quick and easy 3 steps..

1. Download Electron Cash

CashFusion is currently built into the Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions of the popular open-source wallet Electron Cash.

2. Enable CashFusion

Click the CashFusion icon in the lower right corner to enable it. CashFusion runs in the background, so you are encouraged to leave your wallet open until all your coins have been fusioned.  This will preserve your privacy for all transactions.

3. Spend your fusioned coins

After your coins go through the CashFusion process, they can be spent whenever you like. Only spend fusioned coins if you want to make sure your privacy is always respected.

How CashFusion Works

How CashFusion brings trustless privacy to Bitcoin Cash.


We are constantly working to bring fully decentralized privacy and fungibility to Bitcoin Cash. All donations are welcome and appreciated.


Source Code

Our reference implementation can be found in the popular Electron Cash wallet.


Technical documentation for developers and enthusiasts.