What is CashFusion?

CashFusion is a fully decentralized privacy protocol that allows anyone to create multi-party transactions with other network participants. This process obscures your real spending and makes it difficult for chain-analysis companies to track your coins.

What are the use-cases for CashFusion?

CashFusion is intended for confidential business purchases, personal privacy, and increasing overall coin fungibility.

What is the difference between coin mixing and CashFusion?

“Coin mixing” commonly refers to the use of services that allow a user to replace his or her coins with a different set of coins. CashFusion is different. It allows users to combine their transactions with others, creating obfuscation.

The disadvantages of coin mixing is that the user must trust the mixing service, and usually has to pay a fee. But with CashFusion, there is no risk of lost funds, and no additional fees.

How does CashFusion's privacy compare to coins like Monero?

CashFusion aims to provide a working implementation of CoinJoin on top of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. CashFusion does not offer everything Monero does, nor is it an “ultimate” solution to privacy.

However, by integrating it in major wallets, the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem can enjoy a practical and user-friendly privacy tool that will increase usage and adoption. This will also lead to a growing anonymity set, which may be the most important factor in any system.

CashFusion can also be used together with additional privacy tools. It is part of an evolving application layer for Bitcoin Cash that aims to continually improve privacy and fungibility.


Are you sure this is secure?

CashFusion has been audited by Kudelski Security. Their audit has confirmed that CashFusion provides a practical solution for privacy without the risk of funds being stolen in the process: they did not find any evidence of malicious intent, flawed logic, or potential backdoor in the codebase.

Can the server(s) steal money?

The server cannot steal money in a proper CashFusion implementation because the transactions are only signed on the client side if they are valid.

Does CashFusion support Tor?

Tor is already a part of the CashFusion protocol.  It hides the user IP address from the server, thus assuring that the server cannot spy on users by linking their transactions components based on IP.

What are the best privacy practices once my coins are fusioned?

It is ok to spend multiple coins together, even if they are outputs from the same CashFusion transaction.  However, the fewer coins spent together, the better.  


What coordinates the transaction between users?

CashFusion uses a client-server model. The servers coordinate which users are participating.

Are you running a mixing service? Is CashFusion.org running a fusion server?

No. This website is informational only. Even the software developers do not run fusion servers.  It is up to the community to run servers.

Should users set up as many servers as possible so its more decentralized?
No. In the beginning, fewer, but more reliable servers are ideal. Too many servers means users will be thinly spread and will have a harder time finding join partners.
What is CoinJoin?

CoinJoin is the simple, but effective idea of combining inputs and outputs from what would otherwise be separate transactions, into one jumbo transaction. This makes it extremely difficult to know which outputs correspond to which inputs.  CashFusion is a specific implementation of the more general CoinJoin building block.


What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is peer to peer electronic cash, based on the Bitcoin protocol. Click here to learn more.

Will the software be improved in the future?
We are constantly working, building, and researching. Our goal is to bring fully decentralized, frictionless, and peer-to-peer privacy and fungibility solutions to Bitcoin Cash.
Can this be used for illegal purposes?
We do not advocate, condone, or promote the use of this technology for illegal purposes. It is intended for legal privacy use only.

Source Code

Our reference implementation can be found in the popular Electron Cash wallet.


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